February 24th, 2003



got up and out to work... about the timing I wanted. Not much to do, caught up on email, did a few project improvements, etc. Hawkwind was out, so I sat in their cube.

Went to Chinese for lunch with Rodimus and Rayman. Uneventful.

Made an appt for tomorrow afternoon to get the blood drawn for the match with Chichi.

Took off early and stopped by the store for some food. Came home and started chatting with and watching Shaden.

Not a bad day, really.
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Watching Fushigi Yuugi... Scary how well I remember both opening and closing songs. Wonder if I can track down some karaoke discs....
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Well, made it through 3 discs of FY... 20 eps, 6 left in the first set. I think I'm pretty much caught up with what I saw before... So it'll be all new when I hopefully continue tomorrow.

Heh, copying all this crap I snagged from Jingoro and Yakumo to the dekstop over the wireless link takes awhile... prolly should plugged in the cable instead.

Anyways, I'm beat... Time to crash.
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