February 15th, 2003



8:00am, exactly, I get a call... "test won't be happening today, prolly tomorrow"

Gee, thanks. It's not bad enough ppl don't have their shit together and can't meet a schedule... They have to wake me up early on a weekend to tell me that.

I know, I know... But I was finally back into fairly deep sleep when they called, they could have waited an hour or so until I was gonna get up anyway...

So now I don't have to work today.. But am awake anyways.

I'll try for some breakfast then back to bed.
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not much really happening today. been sleeping alot, finally.

Did a CSV export of books and CDs from Readerware... With a bit of fiddling, got some of the data into my mysql db. Only problem is that I have author and genre as relational fields, so spent some time doing manual inputs. Gonna have to find a better way, tho.

Suppose I'll scrounge for dinner and see if I have the attention span to watch a movie or something.
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surprise call

S called... About time, haven't really heard from them at all for entirely too long. Evidently they're in process of some things which cause me to be cautiously optimistic. We're supposed to (as usual) do lunch sometime this week, and I'm supposed to get the whole story with full details then. Here's hoping.

Interesting timing on this... perhaps things will get a little more fun soon.
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S invited me out tonight to a club or something when they called earlier. I politely declined, due to not being in the mood to be in public... And, of course, I'm partially regretting that choice now.

I'm out of it, sickly, and such... But it prolly woulda done me good to get out. Dammit. I dislike this aspect of myself.

I think I need to force myself out more often, especially when I'm down and out otherwise.... The sitting at home alone, restless, doesn't do me any good. I know this, and I still let myself do it. Frustrating.
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