February 12th, 2003


I slept

most of the day away... woke up, showered, and nearly passed out.... guess it was too hot/too long.

vegged for a bit, had some cereal. Realized I missed Chinese lunch with Rodimus. Got a few things done, got a cal from the rents, etc.

went to Thai, tried to invite the neighbors, but they were... busy. had a good time, drug wars on the mobile was a big hit. service wasn't that great, tho. then split.

came home, got hit by a wave of lethargy. nearly fell asleep on the couch, so went to bed... and couldn't sleep. bah. now I'm back up to do whatever until I can sleep.

work in the am >_<.

still not feeling that great, but not worse either...
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so.. found something to keep me occupied...

Updated the stuff with genres and urls, and removed a few fields that were meant to be private in the first place. I love IMDB... Although searching for all those HK titles was a pain... and they didn't seem to have a few of them (tho they may have just been hidden from the way I searched).

Hmm... Wonder if I should do CDs, Books, VHS, PSX, DC, Lynx, RPG, or other stuff next? It looks like I'll be doing everything manually instead of trying to get/use ReaderWare. I don't mind too much - I want to have everything in a format I understand, etc... It's just tedious work to input all the titles, etc by hand and look up urls to cut/paste.

I also have more coding to do.. and I know I need to add even more fields to the db... also considering some relational tables to allow for multiple genres per entry, etc. It's so nice and simple now, though.. I almost hate to clutter it up with all that.

Hmm, need to update the CSS as well, yellow/red on black just doesn't do it for me anymore.

Ah well, suppose I'll take some pills and try to sleep again.
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I ended up getting about an hour of sleep. It helped get me up, shower, and in to work.

Once here, it fell apart pretty fast. I feel like utter crap. That's not whining, but a statement of fact.

Trying to do work, but it's slow on my end - hard to think. Solved some issues when I first got in, but now I'm bogged down.

Rodimus came by to ask about lunch... I'd like to, but the thought of food does not seem good atm.

I did manage to realize that a credit card statement is valid proof of purchase for my digicam, so I looked mine up online and printed it to send in the package.

It seems whatever was in my throat has moved to my stomach, and is angry at the fact. Have draining sinuses to make it all the more fun.

Think I'll see if I can at least go home around lunchtime. And stay there.
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the sleep of lack and fun time

I still haven't slept... I tried for a few hours after work, but it didn't happen. I'm kind of amazed that I've not crashed and burned or gotten really sick at this point. Let's hope that trend continues.

I seem to have found what little relaxation/enjoyment I've had of late in working with my little php/mysql stuff script... It's the kind of personal project that really helps me let off steam and feel proud of accomplishment. Forget the other projects I have to do, this one makes me feel good. Sure, it's geeky.. but it's what works for me.


I'm having a hard time with words today, they seem to come in small bursts.
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