February 10th, 2003



in one of those moods where nothing is right... nothing is entertaining, nothing tastes right, etc...

the spectre of work hangs over me, even when I'm not on shift.

ah shit, keep forgetting to switch laundry to dryer. Prolly been sitting there for a few hours.


missing something, I suppose.
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well, some things just work better

I was restless and all, so after puttering around a bit, I whipped up a PHP script for my stuff. I'd been meaning to get this started for quite some time now... Now it is. Lots more to do on it, of course.

Saw part of The Raven with Vincent Price... Very amusing, I may have to look for that to see again later.

Did a few other minor things, nothing important. I suppose I'll get to sleep soonish.
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it lives

I'm up.. may just have breakfast and go back to bed... not sure yet.

Had an email from RunningBear regarding work in my personal email... Their address book/contact merge thing is causing all sorts of havoc. And that's beside the fact that THEY DIDN'T READ THE FUCKING THING THEY WERE IN A PANIC ABOUT, because it clearly states "retest on hold until 2/12." and they pasted it into the message, even. HELLO?

Forgot to mention the email crap last night - I tried several different apps which should have helped in getting my Y! and/or Hotmail messages downloaded... all of them suck except one. This one is a nifty little app that does nothing but forward... But oh, does it do it well. All my messages to pop accounts for easy DLing in a few easy clicks. I did screw it up at one point, but thankfully everything just bounced and went back into my inbox, albeit with a different subject/sender.
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Updated my Stuff with most of my DVDs.

Ended up going back to sleep earlier after logging on to work for a bit. Turns out we're back to 'normal' hours for a few days, but it prolly won't last. Sore throat sucks, trying to avoid getting sick.
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