January 15th, 2003


a cloud in the sky

floating on air
blown around by the whims of the wind
nowhere to be
nothing to do
just there
or here
floating on air

I've given up, short term, on some of my daily goals. Rising stress levels and new goals don't make the best match.... or success. I've a week or six more of stress at work, then I will try agian.

Right now, it's much safer (sanity-wise) to be apathetic as possible. Just sit down, shut up, and do my job. Do what I can with diet, exercise, and motivation... but if it's adding more stress than relieving, stop.

Chinese for lunch, passed on most of the rice agian... tho had some fried wontons over the usual minimum.

Managed to not get hit by the layoffs... Almost disappointed in that. Severance and a few months vacation would do me good.

Was able to scam my way home pretty early, tho it was because I've got a metric shit ton of work to get done tonight if possible.
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