January 7th, 2003



crashed early... wasn't too impressed with the Cirque show.

got up and out faster than I thought I would. Get to work, and the boss is out sick. Find some things to keep me busy until lunch.

Lunch at Hayward's with Rodimus and Rayman. I decided to forego the fries, and have mostly meat. Worked out pretty well, even if it was a more more $.

Back to work, occupied myself for a few hours, talked to my coworker about which machines were gonna be used, then left.

Came home to nap... some phone call woke me up. Now I'm scrounging for food. Feeling blah overall - headache and RSI were both flaring up earlier.

I'm supposed to log on and do some work... we'll see whether or not that happens, though. I'm completely uninterested. Couldn't concentrate enough at work, thought coming home might help - it didn't.
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well there you go

tried to log in to work, finally... got booted.

screw it, I'm not feeling particularly responsible tonight.

tho it's amazing that I found a bunch of stuff to occupy myself instead of work before I finally logged on....
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