January 5th, 2003


still down

had a brief burst of insomnia... then I end up not getting out of bed until nearly noon... this, of course, does not bode well for getting to work at a reasonable time tomorrow.

It's kinda funny, I was perfectly happy and such until Chichi mentioned they thought I was depressed... that brought me down. True, I had been - but I was over it until that point.

Ah well, I'll deal. Always do.

Today, the highlight of the fun is laundry... Will prolly make Fajitas for lunch/dinner. And watch the Cirque Du Soleil Marathon... then Adult Swim.

Ohh, the exciting life.
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interesting mix.. I put the leftover mushrooms, sprouts, etc from curry into my fajitas... makes 'em last longer, that's for sure... I could be an excellent gourmet chef if I had a longer attention span and wasn't bored by cooking most of the time.

been watching the Cirque marathon, with History and Discovery as alternates... waiting for the Swim to start.

Laundry still in progress.. I took a nap earlier. Still need to go thru mail and make sure bills are paid.. and get thank you notes done from xmas.

many people around me are depressed/having life issues... prolly what's bringing me down.

I thought briefly of trying to start some new routine tomorrow.. then realized it wouldn't last. Tho, I did manage to go out for DDR last night and stretch/XR Size a bit tonight between fajita refills.
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