January 1st, 2003



Party over, Morphine and Hunnybee just left a bit ago.... Gnome and family, and Rodimus and family were the other attendees - for some reason, the others never showed. Ah well. Was still fun.

I'm feeling pretty out of it - already have the phones turned off in preparation for sleeping in. Will post pics and sumary later.

Need to get back into having semi-regular parties like I used to... Lots of fun that way. Spread the addiction.
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lazy day

Slept in... kept waking up briefly, then going back to sleep. Still have yet to shower - doesn't seem to really be any need... don't need to clean or worry about party stuff.. kinda nice to just destress and all.

Finally got the NYE pics up.. was having problems with ACDSee.

Rents called. Chatted briefly with Tigger and Hunnybee. Vegged. Ate curry. All that.

edit: I've got to stop making comments to entries when I'm trying to post.
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