December 31st, 2002



party #1 status: complete
verdict: successful
me = crashtime
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    forf the first time in many hours, silence


I was doing my impression of a zombie earlier... wtf is it with me waking up early and not being able to sleep in?

got a mild headache going, tho I swore I drank plenty of water along with the 7 beers...

need to clean up the place again >_< damn messy kids. also need to get more beer, some food, and have lunch... at least I've got plenty of time atm.
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lunch and shopping done... think I'm gonna take a nap after I inquire as to the livelihood of Morphine and Hunnybee...

still got a mild headache, but hopefully a nap and keeping busy after will fix that.

Managed to get all the stuff I wanted to make curry for tonight, plus a little extra... Should be in good shape. Also got 2x 12 packs of alcohol, which should be a good start - I know it's BYO, but it's nice to have some on hand.
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