December 27th, 2002



At RedneckNinja's place...



I'm getting to the pretty beat stage of the day... I think I'll save details for the end of vacation post.

Oh, there's no 3G/Vision service here, so I can't check my phone email >_


I ache... Looking forward to eventually going home and sleeping in my own bed... Even if it will be alone.

Didn't get much sleep - might try to nap for a bit, since I don't have to meet RedneckNinja for lunch for a few hours yet.

I think, at this point, that I'm heading up at least as far as Ankh's tonight... Maybe further, we'll see. Gotta remember to call Jingoro and Tigger later.

Uhhhh... Yeah, still fuzzy... Think I'll go nap now, then shower.
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somebody stop me

I've got to stop shopping... dropped another wad on DVDs.. Granted, the place is going out of business, and it was 20% off a box set..... still...

Lunch at OCR was okay, waitstaff thought I said "mild" instead of "3 mile" but quickly fixed the situation once it was pointed out. Went to the mall - parking was horrible, but the mall itself wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be. Drove around a bit, thought I lost the keys, but everything's okay. Traffic was hell, and rush hour is approaching, so I skipped the DDR machine and some other shops I was gonna check out.

Got a little time before RedneckNinja gets home, gonna veg and pack... We're headed to some Japanese place they haven't tried yet, then I'll be getting on the road. Looks like I'll be stopping at Ankh's or Oz's place - don't think I'll make it up to Tigger's tonight... However, making it a coule hours north will mean that much less driving tomorrow.
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