December 20th, 2002


It's a bloody good thing

I have nothing to accomplish tomorrow. It's so late it's early. I really don't feel the need to summarize the past however many hours I have been sitting on this couch chatting and such. I'm heading to bed now before I find something else to keep me up even longer.

This is the kind of schedule I'd expected to be on during vacation anyway, so I suppose I'm starting off well.
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    the heater is pretty loud, nothing else is making noise

that was fun

although it took awhile to get mojo bookmarked and then logged in... and using t9 for inputting words is a bit strange....

Figured I'd show it off...

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    el silencio

ah well

I'm still at home, going to leave within the next hour or two.. once the laundry is done so I have pants to wear outside... it's getting chilly, don't really wanna go without pants...

need to get to packing and such...
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    dryer going