December 19th, 2002


I almost came...

Forgot to mention the meeting this morning... afterwards, we took a tour of their lab... OMFG.

Rack upon rack of.. toys... Sun, Dell, HP, Cisco, everything... Huge fridge sized boxes, BLADE servers, voice/data switches, the works... The ENTIRE first floor of the building... It was almot enough to make my cream my pants.. really.. I was picking out my xmas list...

anyway, I'd write more but I can finally get the hell to sleep now.
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do you want to have sex?

I am really wanting someone to play with. Right now. I just started my vacation, and it would be the perfect start to the whole thing.

I'm prolly gonna prepare/pack/recover tonight, then head out towards Faze tomorrow... If they're available, I'll stop in and visit. Then I'll continue on towards Tigger.

That's as far as I'm going to plan. Other visit might include Jingoro, Yakumo, Thenarus, Oz, Anhk, Goofy, RedneckNinja, and anyone else I contact saying "hi, I'm in town now...."
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and so, being obsesssive/compulsive...

I just went through all my friends' userinfo and added anyone who listed an ICQ number to my contact list... there's gotta be an easier way to do that.

went to DDR earlier, it was fun.

decided that I'm not leaving tonight, obviously.... gonna try sometime early-ish tomorrow.... hopefully after (for once) a good night's sleep. still gotta pack/preapre.. I've been veggign for quite ahwhile.
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