December 1st, 2002


fucking great

I wake up after finally crashing after having drugged myself to sleep to get rid of a migraine which was trying to form...

and ... my throat hurts. shit. in that way that tells me for sure I'm sick. fuck. all those happily coughing people in the airport and their stupid holiday-traveling germs. Me, having flirted with illness for awhile... and finally going from nice 70oF weather in the morning to 30oF and below by afternoon... with the stupid standing in the fucking cold waiting for shit several times.

dammit. I'm severely annoyed. I can put up with a bunch of crap, even though I've been bitching more than I should lately... but being really and truly bedridden sick like I'm thinking I'm going to be... that's just not gonna cut it.

so much for xbox party tomorrow/today.... I just popped another couple pills and drank a glass of orange juice, hoping to get ahead of the game at this point.

it's my fault, really... I came home and let myself get a headache by not eating... and not eating... and not eating, even though I knew I needed to. I didn't eat until around midnight, which was completely too late.

ah well, I can lose today to sleep and such, but that's it... I've gotta use monday to get the car fixed and start getting shit done at work.

bleh, back to bed for me.
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kill me...


no wait, I'm already dead...



I hate sinuses... because they hate me.


Why is it that I've been drinking glass after glass of water to attempt to stay hydrated... But I'm having to piss so much that it's all going right back out, and I'm still feeling dehydrated.

plan with Morphine made for tomorrow morning... I'm hoping to do it the easy way, and just go to my car, jump/start it, and drive it in to the dealership. We'll see. Need to hit the store while I'm out, then see if I feel like going in to work after all that. Bleh. Ok, so I won't feel like going in to work anyway.

I tried to sleep... took a couple tylenoel to help... crashed hard, for about 2 hours... now I'm awake. argh. I guess I'll watch Adult Swim.
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