November 24th, 2002



slept in

been vegging and such most of the day... took a nap or three. Freaking knock on my door woke me up... It was a pair of people, one looked cute, so I opened up... To my surprise, it was a very attractive redhead and some other person... Sadly, they were selling something. Still, I shook the redhead's hand before I closed the door on them. They woke me up, I confirmed that they did, but they wouldn't stop the speil... and it was friggen cold.

now I'm thinking it's time to go get Wendy's for dinner... while it's still light out. Another damn migraine threatening, need food.
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fuckin eh

that was pretty fucking kewl... Phone rang, and the person asked for RedneckNinja... I was like no, this is CMorrigu... and then I realize it's Cletus calling from Japan!

So we chitchat for a bit, talk about how they like it over there, and some of their fun experiences, etc... It really made my night. I wanted to keep talking, but figured their bill was running up, and they still had to call RedneckNinja as originally planned, so I ended it... But, damn... It was fun.

I need to get back over to Japan. I loved it there.
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phone central

so after Cletus called... Ankh called... then Oz called...

it was pretty nice to have all the calls tonight.

Heading to bed soon, gotta get up tomorrow. Realized that I have to get up at an insane time on Tues... bleh, might just stay up - we'll see.

Anyways, the evening tonight turned out much better than the day and earlier part of the weekend, it seems.

Now chatting with Tigger, which pretty much wraps it up as being good all around.
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