November 19th, 2002



only mildly discontent tonight/today...

not much to say, really.. don't feel like doing the laundry list of my day.

feeling better health-wise... there's still something threatening, but I'll head to bed shortly and try to sleep it away.

I did manage to do some XR size earlier, and it made me feel much better - was watching some PBS show about Ben Franklin at the time, so I suppose it could be argued that my mind got a bit of workout as well.

Not looking forward to tomorrow, as it's layoff day... somber mood, to be sure. glad I work the late shift this week, due to the fact that I'll miss at least half of it.

Starting to get anxious to leave on Tday vacation, completely not into work - I'm getting it done, but mostly avoiding it.

Ok, I'm about to start whining, so time for bed.
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