November 16th, 2002



was gonna go across the state line to play some DDR, then realized it would suck to drive back that far at night with these ^%*&^%^%$ halos.

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I currently crave sensual contact... must be the porn I've been reading.

last night was uneventful - just hung out after an after--work nap and vegged... RedneckNinja called... eventually I wandered into bed, hugn up some clothes, and slept.. felt nice to sleep in.

Got up kinda early, showered, ate, and vegged... cleaned up the kitchen somewhat. dishwasher is going now. Eyes and wrists acting up today - a bit of pain and irritation.

Tried to code a bit, but couldn't get into it. pretty much bored atm. finished Castlevania, got 1 of the 7 endings, then beat all the bosses in the first boss rush mode.

I'm not really in social mode, but the company of someone to touch and talk with would be nice. Preferably beautiful and red-headed.
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