November 13th, 2002



so I had an unintentional micronap last night waiting for either Rodimus to show or the tech support to call.. woke up myself a bit later, and was ok until I crashed.

Rodimus came by to drop off my drops I had left at work. Talked briefly.

Vegged, ate, etc... was out of it by the time I turned the hockey game off and went to bed, slept pretty well... ended up without the eye shield again. wanted deperately to stay in bed, but got up and out.. late, granted....

work, didn't have much to do... boss had me go to 2 meetings for them - thankfully, both were short. saw someone I used to work with in one of them. bbq for lunch, tho I was still hungry... back to work, found out there was a slight bug in my reporting page... was too brainfried to find it, but finally realized that rekeying the table would allow what I needed, so did that.. got it up and running, and then realized the source of the error, but not how to fix it.

chatted a bit then left... been catching up on lj and such. Deciding whether or not to go to dinner with Morphine, Hunnybee, and others... I kinda want to, but I'm also in a relatively antisocial mood - I always hate to bring that with me to such things. I may just eat and nap instead.

tomorrow, work *twirl*.. got one document to finish up, that's about it. then lunch, team meeting, and eye doc appt... hopefully I'll be able to get out to DDR, since I haven't in awhile. I'm feeling completely nonathletic and such, so it would do me good.

I've got this nice digicam... I should set myself up as a nude photogprapher. That would be amusing, getting people to pose for me and all that. See if I can't force some artistry and creativity into myself. Or perhaps I'd be better off just going into the amateur porn biz...
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