November 5th, 2002


tension mounts

Trying not to panic... ~24 hours until surgery.... I hate doctors, hospitals, surgery, etc... And here I am going voluntarily and paying for the experience.

Work's kept me somewhat busy most of the day. Lunch at J's with Rodimus, then some browsing at Best Buy.

Now I've run out of things to do... and people (and myself) keep bringing up tomorrow's big event. Hard to keep calm when it keeps being brought up, even if I am partly to blame.

Gonna head out soon, have dinner, and either sleep or try to keep busy... Only have to survive about 4 hours of work in the morning, then go shopping and head home to get changed and ready to go. Morphine should be picking me up around 2:30 or so, should be outta there and back home by 5.

Won't be able to use the computer that night, but I need to try to capture my experience soon as I can. This kind of thing must be shared/stored.
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