November 2nd, 2002



decided to go to chinese for lunch today, and save the fajitas for tomorrow....

played a bit of GBA and took my time - actually had leftovers, as well. Some slightly annoying person came in talking loudly on their mobile.... then flubbed up flirting with the waitstaff.

As I was paying, L the waitperson asked me where my SO was... I replied that I didn't have one.. then said "Why, you wanna be my SO?" Uncharacteristic of me. They replied "Too late..."

So I was right, they were interested in me. Nice to know. Tho, I really would rather not have to give up my fav restaurant if/when things went sour.

vegged most of the day... went to DDR - it was nice, lots of people I hadn't seen in awhile were there.
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