October 27th, 2002


the hell time is it!?

I've been up for something like 1.5 hours already

I know clocks changed... some of mine are automatic, some not...

I'm slightly headachy already, dunno why... will prolly eat breakfast then head back to sleep.

caught the milmobs 2x on aard.. got 2 levels outta it, which is pathetic. bah.

Got into the groove last night with Super DodgeBall... Was rocking the dream teams, with little difficulty... Warriors rule... and Nate's chain throw really rocks - it's great to kill 3 opposing team members with the same throw.
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give in to temptation

So I napped for a few hours, got up, had lunch, vegged...

Started playing Golden Sun... I self-justified it as getting it set up so all I have to do when I go on vacation is play... Really, I wanted to play something new. Freaking thing is full of plot.. But it's pretty... We'll see.

Then I went out to Toys 'R Us... Hunnybee had mentioned that's where they got their GBA game span-in cases, which I couldn't seem to find anywhere else. They had them, so I got 2 packs... And then I decided to go ahead and get Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. The checkout person was hilarious.

Skipped Best Buy, even though I wanna get one of the 128MB SmartMedia cards they have on sale/rebate. Went to Wendy's for dinner, and by Target's dumpster to get rid of trash. Encoutered a plethora of idiotic drivers.

Made it home... Put games in cases... Realized THPS3 GBA is just as addictive and such as the PSX versions I had previously played.

Now.. Need to start some laundry, finish off the last jr hamburger and dr pepper... and relax until Adult Swim comes on.
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