October 24th, 2002



keep meaning to update.. then not doing it.

been feeling blah.. and in pain... and had more than usual to do each day... also been sleeping quite a bit...

I had details I wanted to post, but I forget them now.

I've been playing Castlevania on my GBA, MUDding, and working... Going to bed 11pm-1am, getting up around 10:30am or so, and getting into work by noon... Home by 5pm, repeat.

Went to the PHP Users Group meeting last night, which was interesting - I'd never been on that camppus before, and took awhile to find parking. Meeting seemed short, tho the topic was interesting - building Flash dynamically with PHP... Went to the videogame store for a GBA battery pack/AC adapter... Went to the used CD store for the other Go Robot, Go!... Went to the store for some food and such... came home and realized they sold me an AC adapter that doesn't work as a battery pack /:

Got up a few minutes early today, swallowed breakfast which didn't taste right at all, and went to Wally World to get a battery pack/adapter.. They didn't have any, either *grumble*

So now I'm at work.. boss isn't here, which is nice... .easier to relax without them starting at me from across the aisle.

Might check the mall for GBA stuff later, if I can get some time from work... and DDR if possible...

Ankh might be coming out Sat/Sun to visit/play...

Hopefully Morphine gets the new screen in and is able to install this weekend - I'm really hurting for light while playing at night, hehe.
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why is it that whenever people talk about compromise, it's always expected from the other party?

"I think you're wrong"
"Well, I think you're wrong"
"You need to compromise"

It's kinda the same thing, in reverse, whenever I try to haggle/deal... I ask for something, they outright refuse and consider the deal over. I ask them to start, and they can't figure out what to ask for. It's HAGGLING, if you're the seller, you bid high.. if you're the buyer, you bid low... you keep going back and forth until you both can live with the deal - it's not that hard.

In any case, the current disagreement is pointless... I had forgotten the last time we had this 'discussion,' but I'm starting to recall it now.

I will admit that I work towards plainess in my design, for good or bad. I do appreciate well-done graphic design, even if it's not my strong suit. However, adding in such things for the sake of adding them in is what I frown upon.

A few years ago, this person's site was HUGE. They had not only a graphic for everything, but had split them into about 8 graphics each, and hadn't optimized a one of them. Completely inefficient, it took several minutes of waiting and twiddling to load a page.

Now, of all things, we're debating the messageboard's limits on avatars. And the inclusion of smilies, bbcode, etc... All of which I purposely set low or turned off. Why? Because the point of a discussion board is the discussion. It is not to have people spam each other with huge flaming, rotating, flashing images that have no bearing on the topic at hand.

Yes, I'm anal about it. Fine. I remember back when Glen's lifted the avatar restrictions... how half the people had huge avatars taking up a full page, making everything incredibly hard to read, or even see... I know plenty of boards that look like a bad, banner-filled porn site because of all the stupid graphics that show up each time you try to read something.

And it's not gonna happen on my boards. End of story.
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