October 20th, 2002


Home again

I made it home this morning, somehow.... trying to deal with travel on no sleep is... interesting... took a nap, rents called from the car... they sold the house, moved out, and are on their way to the new place in FL.

stupid wireless lan stuff is being bitchy, so I brought out the 50' cable and hardwired my laptop for now.

got the edge of a migraine happening, and not much but snacks to fend it off with.

I'm glad I came back today, this morning... it really worked out for me. True, I know I missed out on some fun (and some crap) by doing so.... However, tomorrow's full day to myself should be worth it. I'm liking having today to myself and silence at home. Need to put together a summary post asap, before what little I can remember fades. Later, of course.

I think I may have pushed myself a bit far in the last day, so taking it easy will definitely be the best course now.


I napped, but still didn't catch up... perhaps I'll nap again, and then try to be up in time for adult swim. With any luck, I'll still be able to sleep the night - which reminds me, I need to log on to work and check my schedule for the week.
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