September 15th, 2002



sometime earlier I woke up, wandered out to the couch...

and haven't left yet.

gained something like 13 levels on Aard... had a few good conversations....

caught up with everything online...

and now I'm hungry, wondering what to do next. Prolly grab something from the fridge, do some XR Sizes, shower....

and finish what I started yesterday. I did more clean-up wise than I thought I would, but there's still plenty left.

looks like Wendy's again for lunch.

provided I actually get out of the place today.
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I was so into mudding and listening to Ozric Tentacles that I missed half of Adult Swim...

ah well, no big deal.

wished Chichi a happy belated tanjobi.... took trash out and went to Wendy's for lunch... said hi to neighbors...

cleaned up pretty well.. enough for today.

I'm relaxed and ready to crash anytime.
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    Adult Swim