September 3rd, 2002



not done with the vacation post yet. it'll be worth it, but... damn.

so today.. hit snooze once... didn't wanna face the day... that made me later than I wanted by the time I got to work, but oh well.

Got to work, caught up on email... *twiddle* chatted a bit with Exodus, and started to work on the vacation post.

lunch was a trip to the store for food, then Chinese.

back to work... more vacation post work... then some work work... chatted with Oz for a bit.. more vacation post. I was really on a roll, then my boss left.. so I followed soon after.

came home, picked up the package, mudded... ate... then watched the Escaflowne movie... took a break midway to mud a bit more, then... was right at the climax battle scene when RedneckNinja called...

we talked for a few hours I think... was fun, lots of topics, etc..

then back to the movie. finsihed it. I liked it enough to not be disappointed that I bougth the collector set. I'll ahve to rewatch it to get a better feel for it. I didn't hate it like Jingoro, Beldurin, RedneckNinja, and Yakumo did. Hate Hitomi's character design... Loved Millarna. Looked like the males had been designed by CLAMP, with Van being Kamui....

Chatted a bit with Ankh, Oz, and Yakumo.. now bed.

tomorrow, I've got to finish the last 2 days of the vacation post... then start another long post/rant I've got in mind. oh and hat day at work.
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