September 2nd, 2002



I'll start with today, and then tomorrow at work I'll figure out the vacation recap.

Slept in. Reveled in the fact that I was home and had a road trip which allowed me to relax and forget about work for over a week. Enjoyed the familiar smells, sounds, and feelings of my own place for awhile. Decided to wake up slowly and wander around, veg and such.

I also managed to get the dishwasher going and start laundry as well. Got online to catch up on pretty much all the sites and such I hadn't done yet. Dumped pics. Took more. Selected and edited pics for online viewing. Finished watching Escaflowne, so tomorrow I can pick up the movie from the office when I come home from work and watch it.

I felt like having something more substantial to eat than what was left here, but I figured I'd be cheap and lazy and not go out. Finished off the eggrolls, and there's only a single beef ramen packet left. I've still got popcorn and popsicles to tide me over until morning - and a single bagel left for breakfast.

I did some various exercises around dinnertime, before and after I ate... dumped the stuff from the laptop to the desktop so I have a clean machine to take back to work.

Watching the US Open tennis stuff on tv... They're finally playing again. The old matches they were showing while it was raining was interesting, but...

Hmm, I think I'll list a summary of my vacation so I have a head start tomorrow...

Fri, Aug 23rd - Drove to Ankh's
Sat, Aug 24th - Drove to Jingoro's
Sun, Aug 25th - Drove to Oz's
Mon, Aug 26th - Drove to Rent's
Tue, Aug 27th - Drove to Ankh's
Wed, Aug 28th - Drove to Rent's
Thu, Aug 29th - Drove to Oz's
Fri, Aug 30th - Drove to Jingoro's
Sat, Aug 31st - Drove to Tigger's
Sun, Sept 1st - Drove home

There, that should help guide the details later.

I'm kinda blah atm, not sure if I'm coming down off the vacation or my diet is completely screwed or what. Prolly try to crash a bit early, and get up early... Gonna be fun catching up on work and such... Prolly going to chinese for lunch - tho I might go to the store instead, depending on mood. If it's dead, I may just do both, heh.

I'm dreading going back to work.

I want to completely clean out this place ASAP in case I decided to bolt.

Gonna snack then try to relax towards sleep.
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