August 17th, 2002



another mellow saturday

last night I surprisingly got home by 5... and didn't have to work the night/weekend...

so I continued watching Eva... got to the 8th disc, near the end of the second to last episode, before I fell asleep.

talked to Oz for a bit, as well

now just watching/listening to the rain and mudding. it's nice.
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good heavens

so got word the article was published... finally... lots of inaccuracies, but what else do you expect from local media?

headed out to DDR for a bit... still no catas.

back, showered.. need food.

tried to email Strawberry concerning my upcoming vacation - user does not exist reply from mailer daemon. Oddly enough, it really doesn't matter to me. Doesn't affect my mood.

Got some minor things to get done today, but mostly can just relax and veg and be.. mellow.
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    the wind through the trees


post-nap blah

guess I didn't get the right amount of naptime in.

ummmm, yeah..

need to do the store eventually... and dunno what else.
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