August 10th, 2002



been up for an hour and a half already




so yeah

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strangely mellow

I oughta be really, really pissed right now.

Somehow, I just can't seem to get out of mellow... I've got all the rage beneath the surface, just can't break it..

work sucked.

shopping sucked.

the arcade situation sucked.

yet, the day is nearly perfect... if the rain would just come and stay, instead of being a 5 minute light sprinkle now and then... *sigh*

I cleaned. really cleaned.

had another battle with the mutant ninjas.

I think I'll just continue this mellowness.
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so I vegged and chatted and such for a bit...

then I went back to Wally World with intent... I had left myself a voice note when I went to the store earlier with the serial number of the player I was looking at.. I looked it up and figured out what I needed to look for when I went back, so...

I looked on the display shelf, and the one I had seen earlier was gone >_< the ones left on the shelf where much higher in number, so I was disappointed... I grabbed the lowest one, and turned to leave... and.. well holy shit! there was a huge stack of them sitting there... found some from LAST YEAR! I was ecstatic... I grabbed some decent cable while I was there, used a combination of a gift certificate and credit to pay, and I headed home to play...

had fun hooking it all up, as usual... luckily I had left video 2 open on my receiver, so I didn't have to swap with anything. Got it all going... First thing I tried was a cdr that chichi had sent of digicam pics... worked great, although navigation was a pain... then I grabbed an mp3 cd.. and, well.. It's still in there.. hehe.

Spent quite awhile finding fun stuff to mod it... and chatting with Oz, Jingoro, and Rodimus...

which is all really amusing to me, since it's a DVD player... and I bought it in order to have control from the couch and not have to mess with the PC every time I wanted to watch a DVD... ah well.. there will be plenty of time for that, eventually.

I also had to ban another person from posting... *sigh* It seems that just when things are going well, someone has to screw everything up.

Anyway, I'm completely dead right now... I think it's crashtime.. gotta get up early again tomorrow and not get anything done for work. at least it's a shorter day.
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