July 9th, 2002



so I crashed pretty early last night, despite the nap....
slept decently, although I did wake up a few times.

Finally got up at about 6:30am and got ready.. out an off to work sometime after 7...

I love getting in before everyone else, though. I got work done until just after my boss came in and started chatting. For some reason, I do that best when I'm still fuzzy.

Anyway. Don't know what else is going on, really.

I didn't get much done last night besides laundry.

Umm... hmm... yeah.

Prolly going home for lunch, and gotta be back for some meeting or other. On the other hand, S seems to be available... so...
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strange days

lunch with S... saw V... chatted about stuff....

almost fell asleep during a web presentation... did a small bit of work.. argued with tech support for the testing tool... figured out I was right after all, and they're full of shit.

then Beldurin is on ICQ...

then I actually catch a glimpse of Taz at work... (this being not the highlight of the day)

started calling Hunnybee a member of the Cleaver family, since they're so domesticated...

chatted with the ppl on the other side of the wall at work.. why is it I keep doing that at the end of the day? It makes me want to stay and chat, but I really want to go home instead... it's strange.

had to take care of spam on lj a bit... caught up with friends list.... time to eat.
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