June 26th, 2002


dodgy doggy

so another day... dragged myself out of bed somehow, I was beat... at work, joy... nothing to do except finish one document up by tomorrow... and start the new project next week... yay.

last night, left right after my boss.. only they got stopped in the stairwell, so I had to pass them.. ooops.. no big deal.

went home to eat and veg... played around and such all night, this time had the tv on for most of it for background...

paid bills... ouch... I had forgotten about some of them, and they built up fast. damn credit card companies are ruthless.

need to figure out what I'm doing for the 4th... RedneckNinja and I had talked, and realized this year would be boring for both of us.. there's just nothing going on that can compare to last year's event... everyone blindingly drunk and playing with fire and explosives...

also need to figure out what my other upcoming vacation days are for - they're already requested, but I need to plan flights/rooms/etc...

evidently Rodimus is requesting that they host fri night ddr this week... I dunno about that.. not sure I'm really up for it.

I realize that while I posted the events from the vacation, I really didn't get into the meat of it... It was wonderful in so many ways to not be here, not be at work, not be around the places and people... to get away.. I was pretty good and didn't check my mail really... didn't browse too many websites... didn't login to work or muds... didn't call people... Then there's Ankh. I'm not sure what was going on there... It was, in some ways, like I figured - we fell back into our old patterns quite easily... but what I didn't expect was how comfortable I felt with them. Completely relaxed and at ease... no stress, just relaxing companionship. It was good. Too good. Scary. The whole trip was worth it, although I really need to fly a better airline next time, I'm sick of cattlecar.

Oh and the CTS/RSI flare up is still going on, I need to remember to wear my wrist braces at night and try to get away from the comp a bit more.

I also want to buckle down and clear my apt of all the crap... either donate, trash, or ebay anything I don't actually use. and get back into the XR Size thing... also go visit Strawberry and have one last face-to-face chat about us - so that I can really understand what went on and finally close that door in my life. Sacrifice to balance.
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