June 8th, 2002


long call

so I finally decided to stay home and crack open my Eva box... was partway thru ep#2 when RedneckNinja called... 3 hours later, I think I'm gonna drink some water and crash... the rum & Dr Pepper is too sticky sweet right now.

good conversation, though... movies, dvds, anime, books, future plans, past events, friends, enemies, etc....
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well thanks to that conversation with RedneckNinja last night, I went out and bought some new DVDs today...

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - I'm glad, I was missing my LDs that I sold off a few years ago.
Boondock Saints - Finally get to see it with real sound/video
The Highlander Immortal Edition - figured I might as well
American Beauty - keep meaning to watch this
Usual Suspects new collector edition - I know I'm going to enjoy this

also found out that there are new, better versions of a few films I already have on DVD.... irritating... tempting... I decided to hold myself to $100 on DVDs today, and get those later... I'll prolly give my old versions to RedneckNinja or Chichi....

lesse... oh yeah, found one of my old MUDs is still going, so got on there and played a bit this morning... skipped breakfast... went to Chinese for lunch...

need to go to the store, check the mail, take out the trash, get my tire fixed, and a few other things...

however, what I'm going to do is take a nap and see if I can get rid of this headache.
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so, napped

for quite awhile... didn't help, really...

got a call from Morphine saying they were heading to dinner... mexican, but still... so I popped a pill and went... it was good. headache is lying low if not gone, ate a bunch of food, and even had dessert, so I'm kinda sugar buzzing...

Morphine and Hunnybee may come over to watch the new DVDs... they bought a new SUV... the Saturn Vue... I didn't really check it out since I was still headachy when we arrived, but I will sometime.

And of course people write when I'm gone, and so I miss them.. argh...
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