June 1st, 2002


hmm yeah

Taz never called or came over... I tried calling them twice, no answer... they finally called back at like 9-something... they had gone home and been asleep for a few hours. *shrug* I asked what the deal was, they assured me that they were just enjoying the silence and such of being home alone.

"Work" was a joke, glad I didn't have to go in for it... 4 hours of sitting on a conference call waiting for people to come on who could actually fix the problem... they hadn't by the time my shift was over.

Called RedneckNinja, but they sounded like they were out with people, so we didn't talk. Got an email from them this morning saying they were really drunk.

I really slept in today. damn. got up a few times and check the computers, vegged, etc... but that's it... kept going back to sleep. Phone rang a few times, no one answered tho. Had a strange dream about using balloons and cardboard to get to StL from M...

Anyways, work in less than an hour, and I NEED FOOD. Going to get a migraine if I don't eat something like now.
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well shit

migraine is lurking

and after all this


went to chinese for lunch, actually took it to work... and found a bunch of free food... took about 6 cokes to my desk... work was bs.

went to wendy's for dinner and got gas and put air in my driver rear tire, since it was low and my frame was scraping on the incline when I pulled into the garage for the past week.

came home to work more... realized what I thought was true, and found another huge issue... So didn't actually get anything done... and I'm burned. 2 hours early, oh well. I'm getting used to using the "do not deliver before" feature in Outlook - I hate the program, but that is a nice feature.

called Taz... they're working... called back a bit later to see if maybe they wanted some ice cream... denied...

gonna see if I can make it until the temp drops below 80oF so I can open the windows before I crash. Hmm I should at least start a CD burning...
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