May 30th, 2002


ye gods


why the hell did I barely sleep all night?

started on the couch... drifed off for a bit, then went to bed... and just tossed and turned and such..

finally got up at 6 to shower and have breakfast...


might as well go to work early

tonight's ddr night - I don't know that I'm gonna be into it, but... might as well, eh?

might have lunch with S today, tho late...

need sleep, I thought I was over the insomnia for awhile...
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fokking rock

home from work for the day already

hell ya

went to lunch with S

don't have to go into work at all tomorrow - but do, however, have to work from home 5-9pm

and have to work sat night as well


I can take a nap or whatever I feel like

good stuff
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