May 29th, 2002


uh oh

forgot to update yesterday... well, not true... I thought about updating quite a few times, but never did.

work was boring, I was all prepped to start this project... and of course the idiots tried to pull a fast one and weren't ready - may not be until mon...

went to Chinese for lunch... had a huge shock, A was there... they got fired 10 months ago, and now they were back... temporarily, but still... Evidently they are working eBay and part time at thai and also doing golf instruction.

tried to talk to Taz a bit, but work kept interrupting.

went home to veg and eat... spent some time backing up stuff that had been accumulating on the laptop... and other misc tasks like that... customizing XP, etc...

turned off the computers rather early, and went to the store for food... then came back and vegged to the tv... Taz called about work... I think they're annoyed with me for some reason... kept vegging... actually slept on the couch with the ceiling fan on and windows wide open... woke up sometime and closed the bedroom windows partway to deaden the noise from neighbor's ac...

didn't sleep well after about 6am, but stayed in bed and tried.

got up and into work early. joy.

was supposed to have lunch with S, but they cancelled... maybe tomorrow.
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just got home

that makes for a long day... leaving at 7-something am and returning at 10-something pm...

work was dull for the most part

Chinese for lunch

more work

left at around 4... checked on the machines... headed over to a happy hour party for work... got free guinness... snacked a bit... and hung out until after 10...

I guess I was trying to make up for missing the one last week.

But I did hang around, and wandered a bit once Taz showed up... talked to Directors, VPs, and other mucky mucks...

Saw how they are just real people, but operate at a completely different level.

I now understand some of the politics a bit better.

left when Taz did.... I still think there's something that needs to be cleared between us, I'm just not sure what it is... and we were both tired and ready to go home, so it wasn't really the time to ask.

in any case, I now know some of the upper management on sight... and we've talked, drank, and such together... that's a neat thing.

Taz is a social butterfly in such situations, always comemnting on something to someone.. hugging, flirting, etc... it's fun to watch... I just hang around, chat a bit, and take everything in.

I'm beat. hungry, having a snack.... got the tv on... gonna check email and such and then prolly fall asleep here on the couch again.
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