May 21st, 2002


ahh what a great sight first thing in the morning

so the assholes posted even more bs to a completely 3rd party site... it truly is a war at this stage.

I did my best to address each issue they brought up politely but firmly, and told them if they wanted to continue to dicuss it, we could do so via email.

What I wanted to do was do what they had - just post flamebait. I'll give them this, though - they did actually seem to use a spell/grammar checker this time. The post was actually readable, which is a step up over their normal incomprehensible crap.

I've got the full support of friends and site members, so I'm not worried about that - I'm worried about the newcomers who see that before the site... It's not a good image to be projecting.

So that's what I saw first thing at work today... I'm trying to get over that so I can go on with the day... I actually do have a little bit of work to do today.
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