April 25th, 2002



ok, so here's the summary as I can get it out right now...

Thursday, April 18
I managed to get up, packed, and out more or less on time... fieled calls from Jingoro and Taz.. got some cash... had fueled up the night before... got to airport in plenty of time, found easy long term parking spot, went to terminal... stood in huge line, got ticket... passed security... waited.... boarded plane... slept...

Got to Chicago on time, had to walk 5 miles to get to bus station for the hotel shuttle... called Taz while I waited... Walked over to bus when it arrived, and saw Capt Dave + SO, and Gavv. Dave shook my hand and welcomed me to Chicago. Was damn kewl. Driver put my bag in the back, boarded bus... noticed Evil Jingoro in back. Idled listening to discussions around me on the way to hotel.

Wandered into the hotel and sat down to wait. Made sure Jingoro hadn't checked in yet. Opened the magazine I brought and watched people. Went into the coffee shop and bought $10 lunch after a few hours, wandered around a bit... Then realized I hadn't activated my FRS yet, so I grabbed that, put abtteries in, and hit scan... a few minutes later, I hear Goofy and BeltChan... So I contact them and wander up to their room.

Drop my bag off, idle/bs for awhile... then we head down to the EH, which Goofy is running... We check it out and figure out the plan... around 6, the dealers are all lining up outside to unload... finally they start unloading, and we monitor/help where we can... I'm just about to head back out to the desk at 8:30 to see if Jingoro has checked in yet, when Jingoro calls my mobile saying they're in the room... Go to the desk, argue with the person there about my key, finally get it, and head up to the room. Jingoro and Tigger are there. Get big hugs from Tigger... we talk for a bit, but are hungry... Jingoro has to check in, and Tigger wants to as well... So we head down to wander and check in... I get my comp badge... Then Tigger and I wait while Jingoro checks in somewhere else... And we unload Jingoro's car...

We finally leave for food... get turned around a few times, and end up at Hooter's. We eat, chat, and such... then head back to the hotel... wander a bit, take it easy, drink the beer Tigger brought for us, and crash fairly early...

Friday, April 19
Jingoro is up and out early, I keep my earplugs in and try to sleep in a bit.. have a few pop tarts for breakfast... Then spend the day wandering and people watching... get into the EH before it opens to wander... etc.... Finally the other 4 people show up - I had been in the game room so didn't hear my phone ring when they tried to call me... I wander upstairs and there they are... we hang out and chat for awhile... then Brak and I decide it's time to eat, so we go out to Mitsuwa... have lunch... buy beer... sake... rum... and go back to the hotel, where we stock the tub with ice and such... we hang out and wander with everyone, drink and such.... order pizza and wings....

Saturday, April 20
Try to sleep in, Brak and I... Jingoro is up and out early again... I finally get up and realize that the bathtub is full of ice and drinks... but I really need a shower, so I take it all out and shower... then Brak does... then we repack it all.

We wander around for a few hours - nothing much really going on that we care about... Finally we meet back up with Jingoro and head to dinner. I love the place we go to, it's a nice steak place I found when I was in the area for work... The wait is long, but there's a nice view so it's not all bad. We order, eat, and chat... Interesting conversation, ranging from the benefits of php over perl and ssi to moral theory as it relates to our sex lives... Head back to the hotel, and end up sitting around in the room with everyone while Brak plays the guitar and I talk to Taz... I hear about the big party going on, but I'm not really in the mood to be in a room packed full of strangers, so I just hang for awhile... then we wander again. I end up finding some friends and sitting with them for a bit - they've been in the party for awhile, and are very drunk... they head back to the party, and I wander... then crash.

Sunday, April 21
Try to sleep in again, then realize that yet again the bathtub is full of ice, only I hear our friends next door up and about, so I go over there to shower before they check out.... Wander again... give my goodbyes to people who are leaving... arrange for a friend to stay in our room, since they aren't driving back home that night as planned... help with the deconstruction of the EH... after which we end up wandering from con suite to staff suite to green room before ending up in someone's room ordering chinese... then we wander again, find Capt Dave, and I invite everyone back to our room to watch something or other... Pretty good crowd shows up, and I'm happy to get the chance to do my part this time, since usually I'm hanging out watching stuff intheir rooms... Gil ends up having a copy of this awful Italian animated version of the Titanic, which we all suffer through. People wander in and out, even EK shows up briefly... Then everyone realizes what time it is, and heads out.

Monday, April 22
I get up, packed, and ready... give my goodbyes and head to the airport... It sucked having to leave all that booze - but I've learned every time I go to a con that you either overbuy or underbuy... and we wanted to make sure we had enough this time. So, pretty uneventful trip back home to crash...

Then Taz came over, and we hung out and such.... was good.

Summary - I still don't go to cons for the con, I go for the people... So I really have no great appreciation for any of the official events or organization or anything. In fact, all of that stuff basically sucked as far as I'm concerned. The fun was in seeing my friends and hanging out with them.

OK, I know this is in far less detail than it should be, and that I missed some major events and such... but... I'm really not capable of dragging anything else out, I've been kinda down since I got back. Stress and all.
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