January 10th, 2002



slep in late... like 1pm or so... then got to work by 2pm... stay there 'til 10pm....

actually had things to do to keep me busy for most of it.

got a biz lunch 11:30, demo at 2pm then work from 3-10pm tomorrow

I'm kinda dead... bleh

missed Taz, didn't really talk to anyone much today

wondering where Tigger is
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in som ni a

after less that 2 hours sleep, I'm wide awake.... did my usual bathroom trip, drank some water, and tried to get back to sleep... nothing but tossing and turning for an hour... so now I'm doing it all over, but with some milk this time... bleh I already feel shitty, this is just gonn amke tomorrow that much more like hell.
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those days... where you haven't been able to sleep much... then some asshole outside starts up some kind of major construction project involving power saws? yeah, that happened... I finally got up when it sounded like someone had knocked on my door...


in other news, this is hilarious... kthx...
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rental update

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a great week. Haha and I went to
the hematologist yesterday and he was very up beat about the progress I
am making. Although my hemoglobin level was low ( 8.4) he wasn't too
concerned because my energy level was high ( prednisone is a wonderful
drug!). The plan of action for the next month or so is to get weekly
blood draws and assess how I am reacting to the thalidomide. He says it
takes about 2-3 months to see results. One result that has happened is
my spleen has shrunk about 30%! This has erased the severe cough which I
had while in the hospital ad when I first got home. I have had a
tremendous week. My energy levels were good and stable. We were able to
get out and about for three straight days! Today we are laid back. We
are going over to the B's tonite for pizza and watch the final
episode of Survivor! Haha is beginning to relax some. She made an apple
pie for tonite's dinner. My brother and sister-in-law are leaving for
home this saturday. Everyday he tells me what the temperature is in
Phoenix ( 70's) and I can hear in his voice a longing to get back there.
They have been a great help to us and we will miss their company.

That's all for now. Thanks for all the prayers. I still feel your energy
coming to me.
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