December 29th, 2001



just got home... spent a good portion of the day at Taz's place.... just chatting, playing games, etc... was fun

didn't eat really tho, so I'm making ramen.

Haha called... Dad's back in the hospital... 6+ hours worth of transfusion, but it was outpatient... supposed to get the update tomorrow. I'm sure he held it off while everyone was there, then finally went in once most of us left...

Supposed to go back to Taz's tomorrow... bringing lunch... they're cooking dinner...
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spent the day at Taz's.... just got back... managed to pick up another of my auction items from the usps....

kinda blah/sickly feeling, think I'll have some ramen and veg/sleep...

oh, heard from dad today.... he sounded great, much better and stronger than any other time recently... it was like a 5 hour/5 call saga about them trying to find the home theater system I gave them the $ and specs for.... then them installing it and the dvd player they got.... and finally sounds from the system (which really didn't nearly do it justice over the phone)... but hey're happy with it, so all's well.
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