December 15th, 2001



hate the mood I'm in

hate the fact that I may or may not have to go into work today.... stupid fuckers who can't do their fucking job right piss me off.

more later I'm sure
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work has yet to call, but haha did... crying...

I'll probably have to go out there this coming week, one way or another.
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    listless listless


talked to Chichi just now.... very short of breath, almost a continuous panting, but otherwise seemed ok... They're bored beyond belief...

I don't know if I work until 4pm....

and I'm ready for lunch, so...
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computer crashed

RedneckNinja called back

I have to work at 7am tomorrow morning instead of tonight

you meet some interesting people when you win auctions on ebay

morphine and hunnybee have dinner plans, but nothing after...

I'm hungry again.... not sure what I want.
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