December 1st, 2001



Still not quite recovered.... kind of just drifting off into space no matter what I try to do...

Well, one decision I made turned out better than expected, thanks to RedneckNinja, Hayama, and whoever else I mentioned it to who gave input.

Now I've got... others... I'm still not sure what I want to do about them.

Supposedly the local arcade is willing to host any machine I would happen to buy... No word yet on profit sharing or anything, but still... Not a bad deal. It's amazing what a local shop can do for you compared to a mismanaged corporate menace.

I feel the need to write and recap the past few days/weeks/months... however long I've been lapsing from actually writing things here... Sadly, I'm already spacing out again.

The other current issue is that my HDs are packed full, no room to extract, no desire or motivation to spend the hours with the tagger and such to set up all the files for burning into nicely organized and name 700mb chunks. Meanwhile, I'm missing whatever has come out lately, which I'm not quite happy about - the other people who grab stuff have other interests, and aren't as.... obsessive... about getting everything I think anyone could possibly want.

It all goes into my debate of a new toy...

bleah, back still aches, need relief from comp chair, even if this one is more comfy than those at work, it's still not quite good enough this week.
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