July 17th, 2001



So I've got most of the day free on my calendar at work... So I figure on sleeping in, right?

Dammit, for some reason I couldn't. Tried for 2 hours, and nothing... So I'm up and showered and ready to log in to work to see what's going on. I'm not sure whether I want to go to work early or late... I'd rather only make 1 trip, so I suppose I can go in early, go to my 1 meeting, and then have lunch either at home or on the way back home and veg the rest of the day here.

Which sounds like a great idea to me. Perhaps I can get the motivation to get a few things done.
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my quick bit of time at work was kind of productive. Had to track someone down for info, but otherwise ok...

Went into the oven it has become outside... damn it's hot. 110oF Heat Index again today.... Bleh. Got some gas, and came home.

Got on a call, which was quick and painless.

Then got an email.

Here's the situation.... Last week, the official status update email took the whole week to put together, and was finally sent early fri morning. Evidently there were some other discussions about how to do and not do certain things surrounding it. One of these was stating that the two halves of IT should appear to the customer as one unit - united, together, etc... And that the customer should be handled by one half while the rest of us got things done.

So today.... There's a meeting that they set up with us AND THE CUSTOMER. So obviously they didn't get it, but that's standard. It's also with directors and such... I was told that the directors were going to have a separate meeting, and that meetings on our level should wait until after then. The info I tracked down was whether or not I should be going to this meeting, since it violates the agreement. I'm still waiting for the answer.

In any case, I get this email. Which is last week's status email with comments. The comments serve no purpose but to piss me off. Not only that, but IT WAS SENT TO THE CUSTOMER AS WELL. Way to go, ppl... nice unity and such.

I can imagine how well THAT went/is going to go over. I'm betting that I won't be going to the meeting. I don't want to go at all - there is nothing to accomplish with it.

So I'm stressed and abotu ready to unplug everything and go to bed. If it weren't for the fact I got some bills and such in the mail that were higher than expected, I just might.... Quitting is again on my mind... I know it's not the right answer, but is being continually depressed and stressed and living dysfunctionally worth it... really?

So fuck it all

I've got a call to be on.
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The Director Dance

so... I just pulled my ass so far outta the fire....

Was on a call with 3 Directors... and a bunch of other people... And I was dodging and weaving and dancing all around to ensure that I came out much much better than expected. And it worked.

My director flat-out shot this one irritating prick down.. hard. It was great!

The other shining moment was when this person was saying how much they needed to have something going, even though I had told them it would be a few months before it would even be feasible to do it... Basically, access to an internal website... They wanted us to put it on this server for a specific group to access to test it out... They said "We NEED to be able to look at the site in order to get some documentation drawn up for these people before it is available." So I countered with "Have you tried accessing the site from YOUR desktop?" And they said "Well, no..." And the debate continued for a little while before I finally drew them into a logic trap. They said "Well, there's no point in doing it if it doesn't exactly mirror what the other people will see" So I said "As I informed you before, that will be several months from now." And the crickets started chirping.... HAH!

So anyways, near the end of the call, my Team Lead called me.. and I'm like "Uh yeah, I'm on the phone with several Directors right now..." So I had to call back after. And wouldn't you know it, the question was one that had been answered in the meeting/call I was in... So again I come out smelling good...

Damn I hate politics, but you can sure get a rush when you use them to your advantage!

So anyways... less than 5 months to go in this hell.

Rodimus called, coming over to DDR and chat here shortly...

Then dinner....

hmmm... I need.. no, NEED to take care of some bills.... and clear off the other half of my desk (reminder to self - get a webcam pic of the desk if possible) in order to fit my other monitor on it... I really miss the dual screen action.

Then vegging, perhaps finishing a magazing or starting a book... prolly end up with the tv again, just because it's so brainless....

Then hopefully I'll sleep much better and longer than I did last night/this morning.

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Unison Scores

Dynamite Rave SS SS 100%
The Race SS S 98%
Butterfly Upswing SS SS 100%
Dam Daridam SS SS 100%

I was impressed with the first one, since that's the first time I've seen that high a score, let alone with me doing it...

Now I'm all hot and plesantly tired and that good ache that comes after a good workout... and sweaty as all hell... 100oF temperatures and my AC can barely get it below 80... so working out becomes a sweatbath...

Anyways, I am feeling better now that I've worked out, so I'll shower and get something for dinner... and prolly die early..

Earlier I had a big surprise... Ratty was on! We haven't talked in like 6 months.... Everything seems to be going well on that end - new, good job, going back to school, etc... I hope they don't disappear for another 6 months...
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