July 9th, 2001



Now I'm sitting here dreading going back to work... And I mean my stomach is already starting to clench and I feel like I would rather crawl back into bed and die rather than go in...

So... soon as I'm dressed, I'm off to work....
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the trend of updating for the past.....

sucked as far as having to be on calls for work all day/night.... but... had a very interesting and... revealing... all day conversation with K....

blah. I was out of it and still had to be on calls until nearly noon, although I did manage to catch a bit of sleep here and there in between. Taz called, wanting to go to lunch, just as the last call was preparing to end. Figuring I was feeling really hungry anyways, we went to Chinese.... Then we came back here for a bit and played some computer and console games, watched Stigmata, and DDRed....
The rest of the day I vegged and tried to stay awake most of it so I'd be able to sleep decently... which I almost did....
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might as well go ahead and summarize the day.....


there, done.

Ok well... got to work at a decent time.... within 1/2 hour I was caught up on everything that happened the week I was on vacation. Gave my status report. Left to go get my flat tire fixed and the 3k mile maint done... went back to work. Made exactly 1 phone call. Left for lunch at home. Rod ICQ'd about lunch. We decided to go to a local family bbq place... got there, it was closed. came back here. Rod called. Ended up making ramen here for lunch. We sat and chatted for a bit. Went back to work. My afternoon meetings were all cancelled. Some asshole kept calling because someone mistyped a page to him. Called the guy about the website, got the info. Chatted with S. Came home. Uploaded the website but hte DNS hadn't gone through yet. Mailed tech support. Went to Rod's to hang out for a bit. Rod cooked chicken and fried rice for dinner. Chatted a bit more, watched Once Bitten... came home. vegged and chatted. Now I'm going to snack a bit, drink some more water, and try to get to sleep.
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