July 7th, 2001



Saturday, June 30
Recovered from Fri nite DDR and drinking... finally left the house around 5pm after talking to Faze about my visit. Drive was pretty boring, and a little irritating with all the damn construction. Arrived in the small town around 10pm, found that my mobile didn't have service, so looked for a payphone. Called Faze, who drove out and led me back to their place.
We sat around and talked until....2? 4? sometime in the morning... Finally, I was beat and they let me crash. In the morning (ok noon) I suggested breakfast (my treat since they let me crash).... Then I headed off on the next leg of the trip. We did mention arranging a DDR get together in StL and a possible IRC chan BBQ somewhere... Need to organize those still...

Sunday, July 1
The second half of the drive was even more annoying.... Managed to hit all kinds of damn construction zones with higher fines, lower speed limits, and not much construction going on. Drive time was about 4 hours. I went straight to Ankh's place, but they weren't in, so I sat and read the snail mail I had grabbed on the way out of the hose. Then I was getting hungry, so I went ahead to M&E's for dinner and a beer, which really hit the spot. Then I went back to Ankh's to wait. Both mobile and home phones had no answer, so I decided to take a nap in the car since I was still tired.
Finally, Ankh arrived home and we talked and snacked and screwed until they left for work - at which point I got some good, much-needed sleep. After playing with the cats a bit, and watching some Winbledon, I left.

Monday, July 2
Called up Jingoro and stopped by to visit for awhile. We talked, browsed through possibilities for a new computer system, played some MTG, and finally went to pick up Lum. Then we went to Bright Moon for dinner, which was pretty okay (I'm spoiled by the place here).
After dinner, we hung out for a bit more, then went to the video store and gas station. We ended up watching High Fidelity and the "Chinpokomon" episode of South Park... And Oz called, so came over and vegged with us for a bit.
High Fidelity is definately a future DVD purchase. Then I was getting tired, so Jingoro got back to the Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain game while I dozed off....

Tuesday, July 3
Woke up slwoly, vegged, showered, and then it was time for Jingoro to pick Lum up from work for lunch... We went to Arby's, dropped Lum back off at work, then went over to CC to get some CDRs.... Finally, it was about time for me to catch the club at GW, so I left back for indy.
Got to GW about 3:30, got my card and wristband... And there was already a line on the DDR machine. For the next 6.5 hours I was there playing DDR, watching others, and all that... It was an absolute blast! depsite the problems... I also got a few games of various shooters in between my turns. There were many pictures taken, a few vids, lots of talk, and it was just fun. I was exhausted by the time it was over.
I drove back to Ankh's, where we ordered some wings and breadsticks for me.... and relaxed and tried to not die... Finally the food came, but they screwed up the breadstick order and had to go back for another order.. I scarfed the wings down and almost fell asleep by the time the breadsticks arrived. Then we screwed and went to sleep.

Wednesday, July 4
Woke up, played around, took a shower, and went to visit the rents. They weren't in, and neither's mobile was on, so I continued on... Lancelot was throwing a party and RedneckNinja was there, so I made the obvious choice.
To give an idea of what went on... RedneckNinja started drinking at 8am... by 3pm when I got there, we were all struggling to catch up... and we kept doing so until roughly 5am.... There were many people there some came late, some left early.... it was alot of fun just hanging out with a bunch of good friends, laughing, joking, etc... We also went through something like a metric shit ton of fireworks and a similar amount of alcohol.... I was one of the few who blew fireballs..... We watched an endless stream of movies, American Pie, Starship Troopers, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are the ones I remember.... finally crashed sometime during one of them....
The punchline here was from ST, "We're going back to P."

Thursday, July 5
I sleep too lightly... The entire morning was small blissful bits of sleep mixed with being awakened by various things, at which point I would get up and get some water so I wouldn't die.
We chatted here and there, slept, woke up, chatted, etc... finally we started taking showers and waking up for real... I left to have dinner with Oz and Oz's father while Lanceleot and RedneckNinja headed to Indy to catch up with some other people.
After dinner, I wandered a bit, then decided to check in on the rents again.
Somehow, I ended up at the Mounds Mall playing on the 3rd Mix Plus DDR machine for over an hour. I drew a small crowd at several points, and nearly died. There's not ventilation and no water fountain. I got an S on a few songs, and performed a few others, made sure I did all the Korean ones and a few doubles. It was a blast, but part way through it I felt my ankle start burning again. I limped out of there and drove the rest of the way to the rents.
Called them as I got to the door, then when Haha ran by for the phone, I rang the bell... Chichi wouldn't let me in until I confirmed I still had a job.... I visited for a bit, checked my email, took a shower, and went to bed. Ohhhhhh blissful sleep....

Friday, July 6
Woke up, Haha cooked breakfast, showered, packed.... watched some of Winbledon, then left. Stopped by Half Price Books, picked up a few things, and headed all the way back home. I was still feeling groggy and not quite all there, and even though there were some other things going on I could have gone to, I decided that my best bt was to get home so I could relax a bit before the dreaded Monday back at work. Not to mention the conference calls all day Sat into Sun morn....
The drive sucked. It was hot, I had the air blasting the entire trip, the roads were crawling with cops... I stopped past StL, impressed at my gas mileage, and grabbed a snack while I was there getting gas. Then I hopped right back into the car and kept going. About 2 hours out, I pulled out the mobile and checked my messages.
Yakumo had called, saying let's hang out while you're in town... Jingoro had called saying Yakumo had called... and Goofy had called, saying they were in town and wanted me to stop by. I was a bit irritated that I had missed all this by leaving early.
I also had a call from this guy I'm doing web design for, he said "I don't care if you're on vacation, you must be checking messages - call me back" which I thought was particularly rude, and so I may call him on Mon... Or I might not. And Oz had text paged me. I chatted with Oz until I lost signal, and then when I got it back, chatted a bit more, and called Taz (formerly refered to as L), Morphine, Rain, Jingoro, and Goofy. Left messages, etc....
Finally got into town, got home... and couldn't pull into my garage without scraping the car on the ramp. Pulled into another spot, got out, unpacked, and realized I had a flat. Came in, turned the computer on, sat and caught up with things, contacted Morphine about plans for the night, took a shower, and went to the gas station to put air in... of course that didn't work, so I switched to the donut spare. Went to Morphine's, they were still out and didn't answer calls, so I came back and chatted and caught up on the rest of the website brwosing I missed, then vegged a bit before sleep.

I think that catches me up, by and large. I missed some details, of course... and I forgot some things I'm sure, but that's the gist of it all...
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aha more damn details

I knew I'd forgotten some things....

On my first stop for gas, I saw a Darwin Award... this guy was filling up his truck... leaning against the post.... smoking...

On my trip back here, I was out of it and almost got into two wrecks.... which also explains why I have a flat tire...

The first one was a couple of boards in the middle of the highway... one of which was across my lane and had nails sticking up out of it... I did my best to dodge, but I was blocked by a tuck in the other lane, so...

The second was this idiot.... He's driving a home-built carrier truck full of wood chips, towing a chipper/shredder... Going like 85, and the thing is weaving back and forth crazily as he passes trucks and such.... So he's just about past this truck, and I move to pass the truck as well... and the right tire blows on the chipper..... and I mean, BLOWS... fucking tire fragments EVERY-damn-where.... The truck almost locks his wheels, I slam on the brakes and still manage to get pelted with tire fragments and run over a few.... the idiot keeps going... he even accelerates! after a mile or two, he finally realizes something's wrong and nearly cuts off the damn truck to pull over to investigate....
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