April 25th, 2001


be impressed

I just got home from work... I stayed until nearly 5pm... of course I didn't arrive until like 11am, but still...

waiting for Rodimus to call about dinner.
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went very well.. all 9 of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.... the topics on my part of the table ranged from anime to gibson through herbert and asimov to card, not forgetting troma, hentai, live action versions, shooting range stories, and several others....

sadly, people were too full to DDR. Ah well. there's a supposed LAN party and a house party coming up sometime soon...

which reminds me of lunch... we learned (S, C, and I) that our co-worker, B, used to run a liquor store... B stopped after a robbery attempt in which they were involved in a gunfight... amazing stuff.

now I need to get to Daily DDR before I start coming down from my sugar high.. all those iced teas at dinner have me pretty wired. Hopefully, that's an indication of how hard I'll crash tonight and get decent sleep for once...

Tomorrow, I need to do a small bit of work, then clean out the car and go trade it in for the new one... Joy... Then I plan to take a long drive to get comfy with it. I suppose I'll have to wander back to work in time for some meetings, but that's not a personal priority with me right now.... let alone when I'm cruising around town tomorrow.
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fucking civ mix

perfect 124
great 91
good 5
boo 4
miss 8
max combo 102
rating c

I nailed the first 3/4 of the damn thing.. then my brain froze when it came to the sets of quicksteps near the end... that and I missed a few of the later jumps as well.

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