April 24th, 2001


I slept like hell

couldn't sleep in bed, so went to the couch to watch hockey and history channel... fell asleep... woke up again, went to bed, and spent the night waking up every hour or two...

so of course today I'm all kinds of drained and unmotivated.
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work sucks

although I had several.. well, ok, one long interrupted conversation... with A.... it seems A is even worse off than I am, as far as the effect of work on the (in)human body. Bleh. A is wildly torn between staying for the option vesting and getting the hell outta dodge and back to the safety of work that a) means something b) has goals one can influence and c) in a slightly smaller scale, where politics are easier to spot and deal with.

There's a rumor that a new telecommuting policy is coming out to address those of us who are "abusing" it... which is a crock. Abuse, as far as I'm concerned, is being penned up in that cube for 8 hours a day trying to get shit done with the constant interruptions. Not to mention how un-ergonomic the whole thing is... I get pretty severe carpal tunnel from that place, not to mention my general level of stress goes sky high merely by being on the premises.
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something is seriously wrong. I come home, eat, try to relax... and end up sleeping for 3-4 hours... that's a sign of wayy too much stress. I sleep when I stress. then of course I can't just go to bed and sleep.. I've got to be up for a bit and eventually end up vegging until I pass out again, at which point I can usually go to bed and sleep... not soundly, though... so it doesn't really hlep.

in the morning I'm tried and cranky.. and that's before I even get to work. right now my stomach is all blah... I ache pretty much all over. I've got pain in knees, back, ankles, wrists...

something has to change soon. I'm attempting to beat the stress down at work and just concentrate on doing everything to the letter than I need to. It's not easy, especially considering how bad my attitude towards work is right now.


was relaxing on IRC... some innocuous conversation about the history channel ended up turning into a full-scale political debate... the enjoyable, friendly kind...
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