March 20th, 2001



today ran the full gamut of emotion... from shock to amusement...

wandered into work a bit late... noticed that my team lead was working from home.. decided to keep myself busy, so I did some HTML for a project... went to lunch with S... went to a meeting... chatted with A while missing another meeting... then wandered out again... got a call from L, who has a migraine, so won't be stopping by there tonight... (yes I know, let's not go there, m'kay?)

stopped by Kohl's to exchange sizes... what should have been 15 minutes max turned into something like a 45 minute ordeal as the cashier could not figure out why it kept ringing up 12� instead of $12... I neglected to point out that if you hit "1" then "2" and forget to hit "00" it tends to do that... I was in a cheerful mood, soI just let them figure it out on their own.

came home, ate, been at the computer managing DLs and such since...
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