February 20th, 2001


another day at home

I overdid it last night, my back is aching today...

that and I really don't feel the need to go into work today. I've accomplished more at home via email and calls than I usually do sitting in the office... and my mood is much better.

it's proven yet again that I am not cut out to be a wage slave...

had lunch with Rodimus and L... they surprised me at the restaurant, since I thought I was only meeting Rodimus there. L was a very nice surprise. so I no longer owe either of them lunch.

went to the bookstore to spend my giftcard. I got 3 volumes of H.P. Lovecraft stories for $5 (out of my pocket) and used up the giftcard.

I need to remember to exercise every day, but start slowly.. I always try to jump right back in, and then pay for it the next day. bleh.
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a hockey game and 2 games of starcraft later (one of which rocked)....
I think I'm headed to bed after a snack... maybe some more Gladiator on my phone...
But offline and afk, definitely... my back aches still
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