February 19th, 2001


rental update

I think you should show more care and concern for your father as he
goes through this ordeal at Mayo. He is wondering why you haven't called or
asked how he is doing. This whole procedure is a very big deal and is
being done to try to extend his life. We are staying at the ******** again.

what a waste

of a day
work sucked
lunch was okay, talked about lots of shit with Rodimus
came home to work after lunch, since the office wasn't doing it for me... my cube mate was out today thru wed... and my boss is out tomorrow and wed... so why should I go in until thurs, eh?

played entirely too much starcraft, single player then just finished a few online games with friends.

saw junkyard wars... exercised..... guess I'll veg a bit more and sleep

oh yeah they sold the ddr deluxe pads they were reserving for me.. I really hate idiots... I'm prepared to spend $300 and you can't save them for me? umm ok... so now it's 4-8 weeks of waiting until they get more in stock.. IF they get more in stock...
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