February 8th, 2001


avoiding sickness

of course there's some bad mojo floating around the office, and as soon as one person's better, another one drops...

I narrowly avoided it today by coming straight home after lunch, logging in, and taking a nap...

been pretty uneventful evening, I spent a few hours in a fruitless quest for Deluxe DDR Mats. Then I spent a few hours updating all my utilities so I can burn a new version of the infamous utils CD to use wherever I go.
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rental update

Well, the needle tour is postponed for two weeks. Due
to a mis-communication on the doctor's end, I was
supposed to stop taking one of my medicines for a week
prior to stem cell collection.This was never
communicated to us. Soooooo..... We will return on
February 21 to begin the growth factor shots in
preparation for the harvest. At least I won't have to
repeat the test I took earlier this week, which by the
way were all OK!!( relatively speaking of course.
SO it's back on the road in the morning. It may be
rough since there is freezing drizzle right now. So
your prayers for a saffe journey will be appreciated.