January 25th, 2001


pain pain pain

pain pain pain.... hmm I forgot to sing...

Back pain is today's theme...

today I slept in, which sucked.... had lots of meetings, which sucked... had training, which sucked... and had a meeting that was going to suck so bad that I just left work instead.

and lunch sucked, this overly-priced shit they were serving.. ugh... it's billed as an international pasta place... not my kind of thing at all. I love pasta, but plain. In any case, I ordered Fettucini Alfredo.. which was like eating a stick of butter with some noodles and chese mixed in. awful overpriced shit. remind me to never go there again.

now that that's all over with, on to the bright points of the day... Saw L at work, they were in another person's cube trying to resolve some issues and all that. Had 4 conference lines going, plus the computer.... L held onto my hand for a bit while talking to a few people, and kept whispering to hold on until they were done. We got to chat for a few mins before ew both had other meetings to get to... But we did manage to set up lunch for Tues....

S just called, is heading home to clean up before mom comes in to town for dinner.. and may stop by after to say hi.

Got my tax form from one of the banks...

Hmmm, what else was good?

I suppose I did manage to handle some things thrown my way with some level of competency.

Did I mention that I spoke with my boss yesterday and basically have approval to move to another team in the same division? It's a more technical team doing server testing for high profile applications.. much more exciting and technical than the crap I'm stuck with now. I need to find out a little more about it, but it looks like I will probably try to get over there ASAP. It's not quite what I want, but it's better than what I have now.

I need to go lie down and rest my back.. and eat something like my speciality ramen.. damn I'm still out of pickled ginger. Hmmm...

Trying to forget the bad stuff today and remain positive... so far, I'm succeeding.
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telephone central

what an interesting evening... much more interesting than I had counted on.

I was vegging to something on the History channel or something, started to fall asleep, then the phone rang... it was RedNeckNinja!!!!! We hadn't talked since before I moved out here, so it was great to catch up and all that... Great conversation, I think it was about an hour in all.

Then I made the last of my pasta for dinner, burned my throat, and went back to the couch to rest the back and veg... "A View To A Kill" was on... and the phone rang again. It was A!!!!!

To give you an idea, that was at around 7:30... and we just now wrapped up the conversations at around 11:15. It was good!

The conversation roamed over many different topics, several interruptions, and some accidental disconnections. I really didn't notice the time going by. The one major point mentioned was that A "isn't in the dating pool at the moment" due to a recent breakup kind of thing. Which is reasonable and understandable, and I'm glad it was clarified. A also mentioned how busy they've been, which is why we haven't had time to chat this week.

So... This could be very good news, on several fronts. One the one hand, I've got a friend to hang out and chat with. On the other, perhaps they'll be interested in more after current issues are resolved. In either case, it's a good thing. Not to mention it was very good entertainment for the evening. Also, it doesn't seem to be a problem that we're currently working on the same team.... Although A did seem interested in my thoughts on switching teams, which would negate any issues anyway.

Considering the serious bit, I didn't think it was appropriate to ask A out this weekend... But A did mention that we'd be talking again soon - tomorrow or over the weekend.

Basically, I'm where I want to be in this situation. Friendly with some possible future interest is just fine with me. I'm amazingly happy at this turn of events, and it certainly reduces my stress level about such things.

Of course, this also allows me full freedom to find out what's in store with L... Which may turn into a similar situation, I'm not sure yet.

I'm pretty sure I'll hit the morning meeting nearby and then telecommute the rest of the day tomorrow. Rodimus may be having some sort of going away lunch, still haven't heard. I need to get to the one bank and close out that account, I could use the $ to put into my newer account to ensure I'm maintaining the correct balance there. I did manage to deposit that paycheck this morning. I think I've got a water/sewage bill but RSN that needs to be sent off in the morning. Other than that, it should be a free day.

damn, I can't believe I'm in such a good mood suddenly. Two phone calls just made the whole day that much brighter!

So I still need plans for Fri and Sat... I'm sure I can find someone to drag to see a movie one of the days, but I still need at least one more event. Might have to contact some other locals to see what's what. Sun is the apt complex super bowl thingy, which I'll go to for free food, drink, and company.

I suppose I really don't have much to complain about with the way life is going right now. When I sit and think about it, all I really have is minor whining. Sure, things irritate me at work and such, but I don't have real worries... So I probably take things and blow them out of proportion. Life is definitely looking up for me. *knock on fake wood, xfingers, etc*

time to think about sleep, I've been yawning off and on for awhile now
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