January 23rd, 2001


dear sweet thingy

well, I was watching hockey last night... next thing I know, tennis is on... then, something else... That's when I stopped sleeping on the couch and went to bed.

This morning has been over an hour of alarm tag... There were some strange dreams, can't remember too many details, but A was in there somewhere...

I need to be at work and on a call in...35 mins, so I've gotta run.
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I survived through the day. Started getting my act together and participating in meetings more, taking over from the person who is leaving... About time.

Went to lunch at the best Chinese place in town with Rodimus, and we got invited to their Chinese New Year celebration tonight. That all kind of rocks. They asked us on Sat night if we wanted to come if they planned something, since they didn't have plans yet, and we said yes... So today the evidently set it up. We're to be there at 9:45pm, which is after regular closing time.

I missed my chance to ask A out to it, although I'm sure they wouldn't have gone, since it's so late and they live an hour away, plus there's work tomorrow, etc... Still, would have been nice to ask, maybe make plans for Fri instead.

S is alternately good and losing it. Not sure what's going to happen with them, they've had some major blowouts this week, which will hopefully reduce overall stress levels, but they're still scheduled for a big decision RSN.

So perhaps I Should get outta the work clothes and into something suitable for DDR, since Rodimus and S and J and J may be coming over for some pre-New Year DDRing... Or I may just do it to work off lunch so I have room for dinner.

Hmm, I'm a bit anxious about A... It's the sort of thing where I'm alternately thinking I should pursue a bit more .. then maybe I should back off... Confusing. I suppose I don't want to screw up.

A is working hard to catch up on everything before the person they're replacing leaves.. and that's next Wed. They're always on the phone or busy discussing things when I drop by to try to chat. I know they're stressed, and I definitely don't want to add to it. Perhaps things will be better in a week.
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Rodimus and S at least are heading over in ~1hr to do the DDR thang....

Interesting. I live in a gate community, yet there was just someone who came by on that "I'm selling magazines to go to Europe" thing.
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